This page is intended as a convenient starting point for locating parts and service. If you have a negative experience with any of these companies, please inform me.

Thomas E. Cara, Ltd

517 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

Phone 415-781-0383
Fax 415-781-7224

Thomas E. Cara of San Francisco is a well-known importer dedicated exclusively to the Pavoni brand.

Christopher Cara, the owner is in the second generation of Caras to own the store, which was founded in 1946. You can read an extensive description of the store at a San Francisco web site called Sally's Place.

Christopher is the only person I would trust to repair my Pavoni. He is patient and understanding and spent many hours debugging a difficult problem with my machine this year.


Years ago, Crossroads Espresso wrote to me and stated:

"We are the exclusive importer of commercial la Pavonis in the United States. Years ago we stopped carrying home machines, but in order to provide service to our existing customers we continue to stock parts for home machines. We also perform in house repairs on home machines."

European Gifts & Housewares

Phone 800-927-0277

European Gifts & Housewares is listed as the official American importer and also does repairs. They worked on my machine once.

Forzano Italian Imports

Phone 212-925-2525

Channing Strother tells us "ask for Dino or Mark, although Mark seems to do more of the repairs himself."

La Gondola/Bella Italia

Even counting shipping (which is sometimes free), some of the best prices for Pavonis can be found at on-line store "La Gondola," otherwise known as "Bella Italia." They also carries eagles for the top of your Pavoni, if you need one are available. Eagles don't come cheap, but hat do you expect?

This is probably a good bet for orders outside the U. S. and Italy, although I haven't tried it myself. I've received generally good response regarding La Gondola. Email me if you have more experience.

La Pavoni

The web site of the La Pavoni corporation itself.

Porto Rico Importing Co.

Porto Rico Importing Co.
201 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
212 477 5421

Porto Rico is a coffee & tea & equipment place that has been around since 1907, owned by a neighborhood family by the name of Longo.



Stefano Cremonesi has years of experience in repairs, including being the tech support manager at Crossroads Espresso. He is "factory certified" in repairing Pavonis.

P.O.Box 355, Elmira OR, 97437
tel. 541-935-1212
fax. 541-935-8018


Svea sells Pavonis in Sweden.


This upscale mall chain sells Pavonis at a high price. It's nice to see Pavonis for sale in Beverly Center, but a Pavoni in the hands of someone who doesn't care for it is a waste.


Zabar's carries Pavonis.